Gorgeously Geeky Pieces of Gaming Furniture

Mix forward thinking furniture design with some nerd mentality and you get some pretty cool stuff. Check out some of the furniture at WebUrbanist.com.

The World’s First Transparent Pool Table

The G1 glass top pool table from Australia-based Nottage Design is an incredible fusion of modern styling and new technology.  Featuring a patented transparent resin playing surface called Vitrik, the G1 plays just like a felt-topped table, only with a toughened glass top replacing the standard slate surface.  According to the designer, the G1 creates a “stunning floating on air effect as the balls glide smoothly and quietly.”  This unique glass pool table also incorporates an integrated ball return mechanism within its modern metal frame.

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WorkBay Chair Helps Keep Annoying Workmates At Bay

Not that I have cubicle-mates anymore, but back when I was in an office I would’ve loved this chair. No, I don’t want to talk to you about Perez Hilton! Leave me alone!

The Workbay Chair is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra, and comes with a high backrest that acts as blinders for the user. It’s hoodie-like top gives you the feeling of being cut off, acoustically and visually, from the rest of your surroundings. Awesome. No price listed.

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