Blood Energy Potion, authentic looking synthetic blood drink in a transfusion bag

imageThirsty at twilight – or after reading or watching Twilight? Slake your blood-lust by grabbing a transfusion bag of Blood Energy Potion, the best bloody drink around!

Vampires, zombies, witches and more – the culture of horror seems to have been given a shot in the arm. Speaking of which, Urban Collector’s Blood Energy Potion looks frighteningly like a fresh transfusion bag of people juice, so much so that we’re sure some overzealous Goth will attempt to infuse it IV style.

That would be unwise, because although Blood Energy Potion looks like blood, has the same viscosity as blood, has the same nutritional composition as blood and comes in a resealable plastic bag designed to emulate a Red Cross blood transfusion bag, it’s NOT blood.

Blood Energy Potion does, in a similar vein (sorry), provide 4 hours of energy, protein and electrolytes plus it’s a "delectable source of iron" and doesn’t contain garlic.

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Chocri gets your mouth watering with customizable chocolate bars

If you can think of anything more mouthwatering than creating your own chocolate bar, I urge you to challenge me. German website, Chocri, lets you create the chocolate bar of your dreams, for selfless gift giving or your own personal consumption.

It was no easy feat to learn exactly what Chocri has to offer, with a website solely available in German; but the things we do to endorse our vices. First, you get to choose the best part; the base, your options being milk, dark or white chocolate. Next, if you want to add some nutritional value to your indulgence, you can choose from 12 varieties of dried fruit. Then comes the nuts, with 17 choices to select from, followed by something that looks like spices for the daring who are willing to compromise a delicious tasting chocolate bar with the addition of fennel, coriander and more. Still a child at heart, the extras option really got me excited, which includes smarties, gummie bears, caramel balls and something that appears to be lit birthday candles. And the cherry on top of it all, so to speak, is the decorations selection to give your creation that special edge.

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Restaurant Lets Patrons Experiment With Flavors

Geschmackslabor, German for Flavor Lab, is a new restaurant located in a former school in Bremerhaven. The ‘lab’ part of the name doesn’t refer to molecular gastronomy or food served in test tubes. Experimentation at the restaurant is all about letting customers add flavor to their meals.

Dishes are served ready-to-eat, but diners are encouraged to enhance them by adding one or more of twenty custom-made seasoning oils that Geschmackslabor has on offer. The seasonings are all based on very pure olive oil, which is infused with flavors ranging from Arabica coffee and rosemary to papaya and coconut. Geschmackslabor’s menu suggests which seasonings go well with which dishes, but the whole point is for customers to experiment and find their own delicious combinations. The restaurant supplies plenty of bread for trying out different oils before adding them to food, allowing customers to sample a full range of spicy, sour, salty, sweet and bitter.

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Maple Bacon Morning Coffee

Bacon, bacon, bacon. Now that everything else is flavored with bacon — water, chocolate, vodka, bourbon… lollipops, and even mints! — finally, the Baca Java Artisan Roasted Coffee Company is flavoring its beans with bacon as well as maple! Now this makes sense!

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