Stormseed is primarily the work and daily life of Chris Benjamin. Residing in New York City for most of the past fifteen years has been a tad different from growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY. From when Chris first tinkered with an Apple ][ computer in elementary school he knew that somehow computers would be forever intertwined in his every day life.

After studying computer science at Binghamton University, Chris drove to the Big Apple with only a job offer, a carload of belongings and no place to live. His primary job of supporting a Macintosh graphic design stations at an ad agency soon expanded to include more creative and design-oriented pursuits. Soon he was working on clients like Ellen Tracy, Random House, Penguin Books sharing in production and correction tasks.

Deciding to take a bigger leap into the artistic world, Chris accepted a job at Def Jam Recordings doing Mac and Windows support. Once there, he quickly jumped into other parts of the company, namely heading up the development and design of Def Jam’s freshman website.

After increasing web traffic more than tenfold in a few months it became obvious that not only was the website a hot commodity, but Def Jam’s deep library of content and artists presented a virtually unlimited potential for more views. Winning Best Record Label Site at the Online Hip-Hop Awards in 2000 only proved further that Def Jam was on the right track with new technology.

Once Def Jam was fully purchased by Polygram Recordings (and later merged into Universal Music Group), Chris started to work on rock and pop acts as well. After the Island Def Jam team realized the importance of their online ventures, Chris partnered up with a couple of counterparts and started Fearless Concepts (back then known as NetKinesis).

Fearless Concepts was tasked with designing, coding and operating all of Island Records, Def Jam Records and sister label websites while working with IDJ’s marketing and artist development goals. Moving away from proprietary software Fearless concentrated on development on PHP while still maintaining data interchangeability with Universal’s legacy systems.

Some of the artists Fearless Concepts has worked with include Janet Jackson, LL Cool J (where a Billboard Digital Entertainment Award was won in 2004), The Killers, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Jay-Z, Fall Out Boy, Rihanna and dozens of others.

Today, Stormseed serves a dual purpose. On one side it is a small web development and design firm, specializing in data-driven, social and technically-oriented sites. On the other side, Stormseed quietly develops new web-based and mobile products that promise to change the way the Internet functions.