The Presidents of the United States of America Unleash Multiple-Album iPhone App

Dave Dederer, former frontman of nineties hitmakers The Presidents of the United States of America, has fashioned quite a second career for himself as the vice president of business development for Melodeo, which makes nuTsie, a software application that can stream your iTunes playlists to any web-connected PC, your Blackberry and your Facebook profile.

Dederer has neatly dovetailed his past and present with Melodeo’s release of a $3 app for iPhone and iPod Touch (iTunes link), which contains the four Presidents of the United States of America albums whose rights are owned by the band. The app includes rare, exclusive material that can be updated from the server side.

"IPhone apps are exploding, including for musical artists, but nobody’s done anything like this," stated Dederer. For a mere three bucks, fans and interested parties new to the band will get four albums, "lost" recordings, live tracks, demos, and whatever else the band can think of to put in there.

Read the full article at Wired.

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